Ipswich is a coastal town in Essex County, Massachusetts.

Welcome to Ipswich

A beautiful and peaceful town entrenched in American history.

Ipswich is a coastal town in Essex County, Massachusetts. The town is full of vibrant and welcoming residents familiar with local history. Ipswich is a sparsely populated town. It borders the Atlantic Ocean, which made it among the first stopping points for colonialists in the 17th century. Many colonial relics, such as houses, bridges, and buildings, are still visible around the town. As a matter of fact, Ipswich has the most first-period homes in the United States, making it a famous tourist destination for fans of American history.

Ipswich has many open areas where residents and tourists alike can enjoy nature. The parks, beaches, and trails around the town make it easy to relax your body and mind, while the stunning views provide a near out-of-body experience.

What to Love

  • Historical homes
  • Peaceful farms and horses
  • Bustling downtown

Local Lifestyle

Ipswich residents enjoy a calm and welcoming culture, as the town is proud of its rich history and doesn't seem eager to let go and become a modern metropolis. Its laid-back atmosphere pairs well with the area’s serene parks and natural oasis.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

1640 Hart House is a must-visit whenever you are in Ipswich. The restaurant offers an unmatched fine dining experience coupled with an impressive collection of wine bottles from the world’s best wineries. For a taste of authentic Ipswich cuisine, Clam Box offers the best clams, fries, and a variety of other seafood meals while you enjoy the sea breeze on the outdoor patio.

Ipswich Ale Brewery offers a tour of how they make their popular beer, which you can get in-house. Enjoy a round of drinks at the Choate Bridge Pub, a local watering spot perfect for unwinding after work with friends.

Marini Farm Stand is the go-to destination for fresh produce and bakery products in Ipswich. Grab what you need to create a home-cooked meal.

Things to Do

Castle Hill is home to Crane Events, where various concerts are organized along Crane Beach, a preserve located right next to the Atlantic Ocean. The Annual Arts and Illumination Festival is a three-day event where the town appreciates local art and brightens the Ipswich River with a fantastic lighting display. The river is also a great place for kayaking, as this expansive natural oasis showcases unique views of the town as you float downstream.
Ipswich Downtown Tuesday is a highly anticipated event, as it combines art with live music on Take-Out’s Terrace Stage.

The town is also popular for bird watching among enthusiasts as well as clamming and fishing around its shores. A visit to Appleton Farms and Russell Orchards provides guests with family-friendly entertainment. While there, be sure to sample their local products and organic foods.

Tee off at the Turner Hill Golf Club, whose award-winning course features slopes and banks ideal for all skill levels.
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